Horus, Prince of the Sun on Blu-Ray

Here's a friendly reminder that Horus, Prince of the Sun is now available on Blu-Ray at all your favorite online retailers. This new edition features an all-new audio commentary track written and recorded by yours truly. All of the bonus features from the DVD are present, including revised (and copy-edited) notes for the "riffs" feature.

I haven't seen any attention given to the Horus BD yet, aside from a couple mentions on the forums. I am looking forward to what all the reviewers have to say, especially those who complained about the DVD release. Well, your wishes have been granted. Here's the HD version in all its glory, packed with features and content. This is the best release of this groundbreaking anime movie anywhere in the world.

If you haven't yet done so, please pick up a copy and share your thoughts. You can also write a review on Amazon, which is always helpful. Arigatou!

1 comment:

black eyes said...

Horus, Prince of the Sun on Blu-Ray 01 is a great cartoon i want watching it again again on my mobile can you have many more like this Horus, the cat concerto tom and jerry

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